In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

The White Rock Muslim Association

The White Rock Muslim Association

The White Rock Muslim Association

The White Rock Muslim AssociationThe White Rock Muslim Association

About Us

The White Rock Muslim Association (WRMA) was established in 2006. The membership is open to residents of BC. At the time, the members gathered in a small Musalla located in South Surrey, where Friday prayers were held. Over the years, the White Rock Muslim Association became more active and began hosting regular community events, including summer picnics, Eid celebrations, and participated in volunteer activities such as food drives and a Crescent Beach clean-up initiative. The White Rock Muslim Association also began to expand its Islamic activities such as Ramadan Taraweeh prayers and Eid Salah.  

The WRMA focuses heavily on the Islamic education of its members and their families. The WRMA provides weekly Halaqat for the brothers in the community, which includes take-home assignments and an opportunity for the youth to develop a strong sense of brotherhood from a young age. Similarly, the sisters’ weekly Halaqa is open to all ages and includes tajweed, seerah, and other relevant topics. 

The WRMA experienced significant growth in membership leading to the decision by the administration to secure a larger facility to accommodate the growing Muslim community and act as a gathering place for the adults and youth in the area. The White Rock Muslim Association Community Centre was established in 2015, where members hold regular prayer services, community events, and Islamic education classes.