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The White Rock Muslim Association

The White Rock Muslim Association

The White Rock Muslim Association

The White Rock Muslim AssociationThe White Rock Muslim Association

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Meet Your Muslim Neighbour

Meet Your Muslim Neighbour

Meet Your Muslim Neighbour


The first ‘Meet your Muslim Neighbour’ event was held on Saturday, May 20, 2017, followed by our second event at South Surrey Rec Centre, on Sunday, November 10, 2019, .
The event focusses on fostering a greater sense of community.  The event features information talks, display of the Muslim heritage, culture, art, calligraphy and food. 

Joint Refugee Sponsorship

Meet Your Muslim Neighbour

Meet Your Muslim Neighbour


The WRMA joined the three congregations of the United Church of Canada (UCC) on the Semiahmoo Peninsula in 2016, to sponsor the resettlement of a refugee family from Syria. This project was made possible through the generous financial support and volunteers from all the partners.

Family Summer Camp

Meet Your Muslim Neighbour

Open Your Heart & Home to a Child


The WRMA has been hosting family-oriented Community Camping Trips for its Members since 2017. The campers participate in a wide array of team activities that are not only fun but also promote community building and a sense of togetherness, particularly for the youth.
Boating | Fishing |  Hiking | Campfire | Sports | Explore | More!
Registration & Fees apply.

Open Your Heart & Home to a Child

Open Your Heart & Home to a Child

Open Your Heart & Home to a Child


The WRMA held an information session on foster parenting in the Muslim Community in collaboration with the Ministry of Child  & Family Development (MCFD).  The Muslim community is encouraged to participate in the noble cause. 

Storytelling & Youth Talk

Open Your Heart & Home to a Child

Storytelling & Youth Talk


WRMA hosted an afternoon full of fun, entertainment & inspirational talks with Author Dana Salim on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Families enjoyed the interactive storytelling session | Games | Book signing | food | More! 

Ask The Doctor Series

Open Your Heart & Home to a Child

Storytelling & Youth Talk


Join us for an informative talk by a physician followed by a Q & A session.  

Registration is FREE Free for WRMA Members


The White Rock Muslim Association (WRMA) is delighted to have held our ‘Meet Your Muslim Neighbour’ event for the second time in White Rock. This year, it took place at the South Surrey Recreation and Arts Centre on Sunday, November 10th, 2019, from 12-4 pm. This event has aimed to foster a greater sense of community within the residents of South Surrey and White Rock and to allow all of us to understand each other on a greater level. The WRMA seeks to provide an open avenue for people to ask questions and learn more about Islam and Muslims from those who practice the religion themselves, as opposed to learning from media sources that don’t always depict Islam accurately.  


The event featured informational talks about who the WRMA is, a history of Muslims in Canada and the main pillars of belief in Islam. These talks were given by WRMA Chair Dr. Farhan Haque, as well as board members Dr. Hala Ahmed and Shaheer Muhammed, as well as Committee Lead Asad Syed. Along with the talks, various informational posters and literature were available at the event, as well as a display featuring art pieces and clothing from a plethora of different cultures that exist within the Muslim world. The event also included booths such as an Arabic calligraphy station, a henna station, and a food section featuring delicious treats and goodies from across the Muslim world. 


The WRMA was pleased to have Mayor Darryl Walker in attendance and to have him speak to the importance of inclusivity within the City of White Rock. Also in attendance were White Rock Councillors Anthony Manning and Christopher Trevelyan, NDP candidate Stephen Crozier, as well as Surrey Councillors Linda Annis and Doug Elford. There was a great turnout of community members throughout the afternoon, with wonderful discussions taking place between all those present! The WRMA hopes that events like these will continue to bridge the gap and allow all of us to move towards a tighter-knit community. 


The White Rock Muslim Association (WRMA) invited the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to provide a FREE Information Session on 'How to become a Foster Parent.'

The information session was held on Saturday, November 23, 2019, at the Sunnyside Community Hall, South Surrey. 

There is a strong need for Muslim foster homes in our Community! MCFD is actively reaching out to the Muslim Community. If members of our Muslim Community are willing to become Foster Parents, this will allow Muslim children to go into a religiously and culturally appropriate home in situations where they are removed from their parents' care.

In this important information session, MCFD provided an overview of who they are, what is 'child protection', what it means to be a foster parent, and why there is a current need in our Community.

The session also included an optional practical component where attendees received hands-on support to begin the application process. 

Mr. Gordie Hogg, former MP and BC Minister of MFCD, shared his experience as a foster parent and encouraged Community to participate in the excellent service. A large number of our Community attended the information session. The event was followed by sumptuous Community Potluck.

Let's all consider opening our hearts and homes to children in need of support in our Community.


Ask the doctor

The WRMA held 2 very informative sessions in our 'Ask The Doctor' series. 

Dr. Nazia Nizai, family physician, held an informational session physical on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at the WRMA Centre.  , followed by a  robust Q&A on all questions medical! Members enjoyed potluck dinner is brought together by each family bringing a dish to share with the rest of the community.

Exclusive: 'Ask The Doctor' segment with Dr Nazia Niazi!

We will be holding our monthly community potluck dinner on April 6, 2019! We will begin with an informational session with Dr Nazia Niazi in which you can ask all questions medical! Our community potluck dinner is brought together by each family bringing a dish to share with the rest of the community.

For information on what to bring and how it works, connect with Sister Roshan or Sister Aasma for further details!

Mental Health Focus” with a robust Q&A Session!

Some nuggets from the session:
- “Bottom line: mental health conditions are treatable.”
- People from Pakistani communities, particularly women, do not seek treatment.

WRMA-Ask the Doctor Mental Health seminar by Dr. Farhan Haque very informative session. Steve Crozier NDP South Surrey/ Whiterock candidate also attend the session.

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