Youth Halaqa

The Halaqat at the WRMA provide an ongoing Islamic learning environment for Muslim youth. The Halaqat were established in 2012 and continue to take place weekly. The gathering allows Muslim youth to receive exposure to interact, engage and learn about Islam. Students will delve into topics that will help develop their Islamic perspective and understanding and promotes their identity and Eman.



The Halaqat place emphasis on

 Taqwa | Sabr | Ihsaan | Akhlaaq

Key elements of our belief system

Manners | Hayaa | Aqeedah | Ibadaah | Fiqh



Topics may be derived from

Quran | Follow the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ chronologically | Companions | Significant personalities or events in Islam | Current events | Present circumstances



A number of tools are employed to deliver Halaqa 

Lectures | Homework | Group presentations | Skits | Quizzes | Critical thinking questions | Volunteering

Halaqat are held Each friday



Through these Halaqat the teachers explore the practical application of Islam and empower the youth to make appropriate decisions. The participants discussed a variety of topics including gender relations, dress code, drugs, alcohol, bullying, partying, puberty, smoking, friendship, etc.

As such, the Halaqa not only provides a learning environment but provides a safe space for Muslim Youth to share their experiences, concerns and questions to teachers that have grown up in the West. The teachers bear the responsibility of not only being teachers but role models, older brothers, friends, advisors and councillors.

"Ever since i started coming to the halaka I have felt a new sense of belonging. Every friday i can look forward to meeting my fellow brothers, of different ages and nationalities, and learning about topics that are revelant to all of us.  there is an unexplainable sense of brotherhood you feel when you get into the very deep and diverse topics we learn and discuss together. the things ive learned from this halaka help me outside the musalla atmosphere too. Ive become a much happier person who is not afraid of expressing his beliefs and values and is proud to say he is Muslim. Overall the benefits of the halaka inside and outside the musalla are alhumdullilah continuing and inshllah will continue in the near future"

"Assalaamu Alaykum brother, just wanted to thank u one more time, me and [my brother] had a great time with both of u and wanted to thank you one more time for coming out too spend the time with us. we are truly blessed too have u as an older brother and thank Allah that he has given us an older brother that can have fun with us and at the same time lead us to the path of Allah s.w.t."

Sisters' Halaqa

The sisters’ weekly Halaqa is for all ages in the community. It includes tajweed, seerah, and other relevant topics. 

Young Boys' & Girls' Halaqa

Each Friday at 6:45 PM at the WRMA Centre.